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Tail of the Lion is proud to offer affiliate programs for the following websites:

Patio and Home Furniture
Modular Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
On Track Lighting
Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Affiliates earn 10% of the sales they generate, simply by referring customers to our sites.

Here are just a few of the reasons to join the Tail of the Lion Affiliate Network:

Parasite & ScumWare Free
It is Tail of the Lion's policy to not work with any affiliate that offers any type of free, or paid, downloadable software. Tail of the Lion does not work with any individual or company that participates in unethical marketing such as cookie over writing. Furthermore, if anyone feels that Tail of the Lion has mistakenly worked with a parasite supported affiliate, we ask them to contact us to discuss the matter.

Detailed Reporting
With our detailed reporting you will be able to view your clicks and sales reports for any date range that you want. Want to know what products you sold during the month of January? No problem! Want to know how many clicks your links received for the month of February only? No problem! Just select your custom date range and click the report button and leave the rest to us.

Phone Order Tracking
Does seeing a toll free ordering phone number on our website scare you? No worries! Unlike many affiliate programs who donít give phone commissions, when your visitors click through to our website, a special reference code containing your affiliate ID number will be displayed. When our sales reps take an order, they will have the customer give us this number. We will then credit your affiliate account with the commission for the sale that was just called in by a visitor of your site! You now receive commission on every order regardless of whether your visitors order through our website or by our toll-free number, you still get ALL the commissions.

Outstanding Affiliate Support
Any affiliate program is useless without having the needed support that affiliates deserve. We will provide all of our affiliates with the most reliable support that can be offered. Along with providing outstanding email and phone support from a dedicated affiliate support staff, all affiliates will also receive the following support benefits:

  • Parasite free - no worrying about unethical marketers stealing your commissions.
  • Free "Real-Time" datafeeds
  • Deep linking support
  • Content support
  • Direct Product Linking
  • It is our policy to reply to any affiliate support emails within 24 business hours.

Fair Payment Terms

  • Minimum payment of only $25
  • 10% commission on sales
  • 3 month cookie tracking
  • Net 15 day payments*
    *We will send your payment 15 days from the end of the month. So if you earn a minimum of $25 in January then your check will be mailed out to you by February 15.

Tail of the Lion Affiliate Support
Tail of the Lion Affiliate Team

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Patio and Home Furniture

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

On Track Lighting

Wholesale Wedding Flowers
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