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About Tail of the Lion

Tail of the Lion Inc. was created based on the ancient principle that "it is better to be a tail to lions, than a head to foxes." Lions imply the great, inspiring, and principled leaders of our times. As a small business, we strive to be amongst them. We run a fun, friendly business that puts honest values at the top of our priority list. Our core values are Service, Family, and Innovation.


Tail of the Lion was founded as a place in which people can work hours that work well with their families. Many of our staff members are mothers who work in the mornings while their children are in school and then put in some hours at home after putting their kids to bed. We offer flexible hours and vacation times, trusting our bright and enthusiastic staff to get their work done while still enjoying their personal lives outside of the office. We believe that happy Moms and Dads make for strong, happy families, which in turn help to build strong communities. And a happy staff creates a really positive environment both for those here at Tail of the Lion and for our customers!


At Tail of the Lion, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. All of our customer service staff are born, raised, and college educated here in America. We understand your needs and speak your language. And we are delighted to help you in any way we can through phone, chat, or email. We have strong relationships with the manufacturers and distributors of the products you buy, choosing only the best products we know our customers will enjoy. We are here to serve you, so please be in touch!


Tail of the Lion has been around for almost a decade, always seeking to grow and develop with the ever changing internet marketplace. We are constantly adding new products for our customers and new features for ease of shopping. The feedback we get from our customers is really important to us as it helps us to improve. Every staff member is encouraged to find innovative solutions to challenges and to seek places of potential growth for the company. We sponsor those who want to further their education be it in programming, marketing, or design. Our pride of lions always aims high!

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