Anne at Home Finishes

Because each item is hand-finished, the final finish on the product you choose will vary.  We encourage you to take advantage of our samples policy to try out different finishes before you order a larger order.
Pewter Matte
1 Pewter Matte
2 Bronze
Rubbed Bronze
3 Rubbed Bronze
5 Gold
Matte Black
7 Matte Black
Pewter Bright
8 Pewter Bright
9 Rust
10 Verdigris
Copper Bright
12 Copper Bright
Copper Bronze
13 Copper Bronze
Satin Pearl
15 Satin Pearl
Antique Copper
16 Antique Copper
Weathered White
17 Weathered White
Satin Pewter
20 Satin Pewter
Antique Gold
21 Antique Gold
Brushed Natural Pewter
23 Brushed Natural Pewter
Pewter with Terra Cotta Wash
130 Pewter with Terra Cotta Wash
Pewter with Bronze Wash
132 Pewter with Bronze Wash
Pewter with Copper Wash
133 Pewter with Copper Wash
Pewter with Verdi Wash
134 Pewter with Verdi Wash
Pewter with White Wash
135 Pewter with White Wash
Pewter with Cherry Wash
137 Pewter with Cherry Wash
Pewter with Maple Wash
138 Pewter with Maple Wash
Bronze with Black Wash
231 Bronze with Black Wash
Bronze with Copper Wash
233 Bronze with Copper Wash
Bronze with Verdi Wash
234 Bronze with Verdi Wash
Antique Bronze
240 Antique Bronze
Black with Terra Cotta Wash
730 Black with Terra Cotta Wash
Black with Bronze Wash
732 Black with Bronze Wash
Black with Copper Wash
733 Black with Copper Wash
Black with Verde Wash
734 Black with Verde Wash
Black with Chocolate Wash
736 Black with Chocolate Wash
Black with Cherry Wash
737 Black with Cherry Wash
Black with Maple Wash
738 Black with Maple Wash
Black with Steel Wash
739 Black with Steel Wash
Rust with Black Wash
931 Rust with Black Wash
Rust with Copper Wash
933 Rust with Copper Wash
Rust with Verde Wash
934 Rust with Verde Wash
Anne at Home